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          All Paws Grooming provides the opportunity for your pet to live life to the fullest.  We have trained specialists that will cater to your pet's every need and desire.  Our on-site facility offers the best care for the upkeep of your family friend with caring pet grooming, boarding, day care services, and quality pet products and supplies.  We also have off-site services available such as in-home pet sitting for your convenience.  Your pet will enjoy our cream rinse with moisturizer and feel pampered by a massage with specially scented conditioner.  We also offer Bath and Body Works Scents Spa Treatments.


Pet Grooming for All Breeds of Dogs

          Our service consists of a rough-in, cleaning hair out of the ears, followed-up by a  drying agent to dissipate water and prevent infection, toe nail trim, bath, and expressing of the anal glands.  Choose from several kinds of shampoos in different scents and medicated formulas.  We offer a natural dip that does not contain any toxins or chemicals and is very safe for both pets and the environment.



Superior Pet Products

          We provide Frontline Plus (#1 recommended by vets for fleas and ticks and breaks the life cycle).   We carry Holly Who Canine Couture clothing for dogs.  We also offer a full line of medicated skin and coat products.  We even have our famous chicken nibble treats!